• Zero-knowledge proofs for privacy-enhancing technologies
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging
  • Password authenticated key exchange
  • Lattice cryptography


  • Current maintainer of the Rust curve25519-dalek, ed25519-dalek, and x25519-dalek crates. In sum, these crates have millions of downstream users.
  • Listed contributor to the Message Layer Security (MLS) specification
  • Author and maintainer of the hpke-rs hybrid encryption crate, currently used in production at Cloudflare.

Publications (Semantic Scholar)

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Michael Rosenberg, Jacob White, Christina Garman, Ian Miers

IEEE S&P 2023

SNARKBlock: Federated Anonymous Blocklisting from Hidden Common Input Aggregate Proofs [ePrint]

Michael Rosenberg, Mary Maller, Ian Miers

IEEE S&P 2022

Labeled PSI from Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Computation and Communication [ePrint]

Kelong Cong, Radames Cruz Moreno, Mariana Botelho da Gama, Wei Dai, Ilia Iliashenko, Kim Laine, and Michael Rosenberg

CCS 2021

Boosting the Security of Blind Signature Schemes [ePrint]

Jonathan Katz, Julian Loss, Michael Rosenberg


Libraries’ Approaches to the Security of Public Computers [PDF]

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