My name is Michael Rosenberg and I'm a 5th-year PhD student studying applied cryptography at the University of Maryland under Jon Katz and Ian Miers. See the Work page for more about my research.

Friends with Websites

Sam Freedman is doing a PhD on spaces where every point is associated with a fiber bundle of a non-orientable genus-∞ Riemann surface. Pranav Srinivasan is still waiting for his build to finish. Caroline Davis owns and operates a rabbit farm in Florida. Ben Gould is studying film and literature. Wenyu Jin made a packet-switching algorithm that's optimal as long as the internet is a torus. Lillian Huang builds low-shot Newfoundland/not-Newfoundland classifiers. Erica Blum can delay your messages for arbitrary amounts of time. And Upamanyu Sharma has not been seen in several years. If you have any information as to his whereabouts, you're probably next.

What to Consume

Well I'm flattered that you asked. Some papers I like are: Gentry's beautifully written exposition to fully-homomorphic encryption, Cloudflare's Privacy Pass whitepaper, Key-Homomorphic PRFs and their applications, and Session Resumption Protocols and Efficient Forward Security for TLS 1.3 0-RTT.

If you like my taste in papers, you'll love my taste in television. I am currently watching TJ & Dave, Joe Pera Talks with You, and The Characters.

Also listen to The Dollar Signs.


For researchy things, email me at micro @ cs.umd.edu

For anything else, it's michael @ mrosenberg.pub

Also here is my Github, resume, proof of insurance, etc, etc.

A comic I like