A Bookmarklet to Download Zoom Recordings

Update (Sep. 23, 2020): Zoom disabled right-click on their video sites. I've updated the script to re-enable right-click :)

§ Overview

This is a bookmarklet (that is, a bookmark with script inside) that lets you download recorded Zoom calls from the Zoom cloud, regardless of whether the owner has downloads enabled. If it's visible to you, you can download it.

§ Why

I like to watch lectures in the park, where there is no WiFi. So now I download the lectures in advance and take them wherever I go.

§ Installation

Right click the link below and select "Bookmark This Link". Put the bookmark wherever you want.

Zoom Rec. ⬇️

§ How to Use

  1. When you're on the Zoom website, watching a recorded Zoom call, click the Zoom Rec. ⬇️ bookmarklet
  2. A link will appear at the top of the page telling you to right click it
  3. Right click the link, select "Save Link As", and save the video file onto your computer

§ Source Code and License

Source code and license are available on the Github page.